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Commercial & Industrial


Arndt Company is based in South King County and has experience in all types of commercial and industrial projects, from the smallest of trash enclosures to complete retail centers and multi-family communities. With safety as our highest priority, the Arndt Company has received several safety awards over the years. We pride ourselves on working with the general contractor to achieve the highest quality of work within the necessary time schedules of today’s market.


Brick Masonry

Brick veneer offers a wide range of colors and textures, creating the flexibility for contemporary or traditional design. Durable and sustainable, brick has genuine detail with a timeless appeal. With years of experience rooted in this fundamental building product, Arndt Company exceeds industry standards and installation mechanics.


Stone Masonry

With stone veneer being one of the first building products of civilization, there is a thoughtful sense of it’s application to any project. Ranging from full bed-wythe to thin veneers, stone has come a long way in form and function. Understanding all stone installation, Arndt Company is more than capable of providing an artistic approach to every stone project.


concrete block

Concrete Masonry Units (CMU) has emerged as a leading building product over the years. Both structural in nature and durable in all aspects, it is no wonder designers continue to use CMU in commercial settings. Knowledgeable in all it shapes, textures and sizes, Arndt Company relies on CMU as one of its leading forms of masonry installation.



Exquisite in its application, precast and profiled stone make a dramatic and luxurious statement in all projects. With years of experience in fabrication and installation, Arndt Company brings a sense of comfort to the customers that choose such a unique masonry feature.

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