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Residential Services



The residential world is where Arndt Company began, so it is only natural for us to remain as a premier masonry contractor in this area.  From design-build to problem forecasting, Arndt Company strives to create the look and feel you desire, while working within your budget.  From simple exterior wainscoting to intricate precast and stone assemblies, Arndt Company has the experience to make every project worthwhile.


Outdoor Living

With so much of today’s culture venturing away for the home central location in the kitchen, outdoor living has become a natural place for people to congregate. From simple bench seating to elaborate outdoor kitchen and spas, Arndt Company is no stranger to the design and detail of these new spaces.

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Interior Masonry

As a focal point in any application, interior masonry is a great way to anchor a room with texture and style. Commonly used on fireplace faces, interior masonry can also find a home on accent walls and entryways. With so much at stake in an interior installation, Arndt Company is proficient in providing protection of all interior finishes, during construction.

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Exterior Masonry

From ultra-contemporary to traditional design, exterior masonry accentuates the persona of individual style. This luxurious approach to any exterior installation never leaves its owners disappointed or regretful. With a vast background in masonry applications, the Arndt Company can help create the exterior that fits your style and taste.


Paving Masonry

Paving surfaces come in a variety of different designs and application. Mortar-set, sand-set, pedestal-set and non-pervious are all forms of hardscape installation.  From geometric concrete pavers to random natural flagstone, Arndt Company is experienced in all forms of paving surfaces.


Specialized Projects

It is said that during the medieval era, you could often find a mason sitting at the tables of royalty. The mason was revered as person capable of building what you needed on a grand scale, a jack of all trades. With experience in all aspects of construction, the masons at Arndt Company are capable of designing and building the most unique projects.

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